Frame of Mind





As I


The World

Kathleen Quintero

Artist Statement 

Frame of Mind 

As human beings, we deal with everyday problems in different ways. Some may write in journals, others might focus on a hobby, but I choose to go on long walks. I, as well as many others, have had a strange and difficult year. It has been full of worry, stress and anxiety. Worry: not knowing what would happen due to COVID19. Stress: knowing jobs were closing down and there were bills to pay. Anxiety: knowing there were still responsibilities, but too many distractions to be able to focus upon them. 

I chose to document in photographs what I see when trying to manage these feelings. I used a Nikon D3100 DSLR to take pictures of the landscape around San Diego County to capture what keeps me at peace. Being surrounded by both nature and city life, and seeing people from afar, reminds me that we all go through troubling times. Each one of us has a story different from the rest. Being outside reminds me what it is to be human. It makes my thoughts feel miniscule in comparison to the world.

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