Pictorials are photographs that are manipulated to look like paintings and drawings. Photographers would apply different techniques such as brush strokes or charcoal sketches to their images to get a painterly quality. I decided to use a photo I took at The Getty Museum in Los Angeles. I added a b&w preset over the photo and changed the lighting and shadows to create this image which resembles a charcoal drawing. I chose this image of Los Angeles as it corresponds to the letter I chose from the book, Letters to a Young Artist. In the letter by Joan Jonas she wrote, “To be in a city like New York or Los Angeles or Mexico City is to be in a dialogue with a community of people that inspire and inform one another.” When I visit cities such as New York or Los Angeles I like to people watch. It’s interesting to think that all the people you may come across have their own lives that you will never know about. There are so many opportunities throughout the day to get to know people and see what similarities you may share. It allows you to get inspired by what other people have experienced and what you could experience as well.

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