Out of the Shadows: Contemporary Chinese Photography (Virtual Museum Visit)

Currently on display at the Museum of Photographic Art (MOPA) online is Out of the Shadows: Contemporary Chinese Photography. Curated by Tiffany Wai-Ying Beres, this exhibit includes work from Lang Jingshan, Chu Chu, Hong Lei, Ni Youyu, Shao Wenhuan, Shi Guorui, Wang Ningde, Yang Fudong, and Yang Yongliang. What stood out to me from this exhibition was the story behind the work. These artists are pushing the boundaries in photographic art with new techniques. My favorite piece is Nine Dragons, by Yang Yongliang which is actually a virtual reality video. I like the way the dragons are surrounding the bright sphere in the center. It’s very complex which requires you to focus on each individual dragon in order to figure out its movement. The second piece that drew me in is Yangtze River 7-8 May 2013, by Shi Guorui. It’s described as a unique camera obscura gelatin silver print. The image looks like it was edited to have a negative effect over the original photo. I like the small contrast between the mountain and water. The thin line separates the white of the mountain and the white of the water. The overall image is black and white so it allows the white mountain and water to really contrast with the black sky. All artists in this exhibition, for the most part, played with contrast and shadow. Each piece is very unique and different from the rest. There are similarities within the pieces as 4 out 6 artists chose to work in black and white and the other 2 worked in color. I’m looking forward to seeing these images in person once the museum reopens.

The images above are my take on this exhibit.

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