Richard Avedon: Darkness and Light

How did Richard Avedon start off as a photographer ?

Avedon began his career as a fashion photographer in Paris. He was thrust into big productions when he began to work for Harper’s Bazaar. Some of the companies he worked with were Vogue and Versace. Avedon also worked for The New Yorker as a staff photographer. When he began to take photographs of celebrities he started with their autographs before approaching them for photoshoots.

Describe the different types of photography did he endure during his career?

Avedon is well known for his portrait photography. He not only took photos of models and celebrities but of regular people as well. While he worked in the fashion industry he changed the way photos were taken. He wanted to create movement in his work, often times he would jump around to get the models to move more freely. Once he left Vogue, he began to focus on his portraits and the meaning behind them. His goal was to get true emotions out of his sitters. He was fascinated with the face and wanted to capture not only the good parts of a person but their dark parts as well.

What is unique about his style? What makes him unique photographer?

Avedon is know to be a very controversial photographer because of the work he produced. He captured photos of people in mental institutes, the working class, and those who were ill. When he photographed his fathers last few months, critics believed it was an invasion of privacy. Some liked the fact that he was real with his photography and that he captured raw emotions. Although some disapproved of the way he photographed them, his mindset was that he is the artist and the sitters are his to capture how he likes.

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