1. A camera is a light box with a hole inside.

2. Aperture determines the depth of field of the photo. If you change the aperture the shutter speed adjusts to it.

Shutter is the speed that the photo is taken in. If you change the shutter speed the aperture changes.

Manuel is when you can change both the aperture and shutter to fit your desired look.

3. Depth of Field, Spot Color, Texture, Leading Line, Silhouette, Balance

4. IOS, Aperture and Shutter

5. Crop Overlay, Spot Removal, Red Eye Correction , Graduated Filter, Radial Filter, Adjustment Brush

6. Histogram gives all the data of the photo.

7. Quintero_06Apr20_034.jpg

8. Street photography film captures everyday life. It’s candids and events that happen on the daily bases. These artists would carry their cameras around with them all day and take photos of what they would comes across. 9. Establishing Shot

Medium Shot

Close Up

Extreme Close up

Pay Off

10. Artificial light is light that is provided through lamps, ring lights, and other electrical lighting.

Natural lighting is using the sun to brighten your images. Gloomy days make for better lighting.

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