Walnut Grove Park

Who, What, Where, When, Why

On March 2nd, 2020 the class attended a field trip to Walnut Grove Park. My photographs incorporate lighting, texture, silhouette, worms eye and depth of field. I took a photograph of Alyssa Tivadar, who stood in front of a tree. With a light diffuser, I was able to get more natural lighting with the sun peeking through and highlighting part of her face. For texture I took a photo of tree bark that had spray paint on it. The paint emphasizes the texture of the tree even more. As for my silhouette, There were plants in the grass fields. I aimed the camera towards the sky to get a clean outline of the plant. There were a lot of trees in the park, so for worms eye I took a photo of one from the base of the tree aiming to the top. One of my favorite images is my depth of field. I took a photo of some plants growing from the inside of a broken tree trunk. The foreground and background are out of focus while the middle ground is clear.

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